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River Thames, London

"Just give yourself

a moment...

so you can see clearly."

"Awareness starts with the day to day"


If you are facing blocks in your life or feel like you're not living your best life, it could be because you're unable to see the impact your past experiences have had on you.

Here's what I do know...

 - You can make life whatever you want it to be

 - Everyone is focusing on their life, not yours

 - You’re looking for something more from your life

 - You don't know where to start or what's stopping you

 - You have a vision and are struggling to live it

If you're nodding your head or saying "it's true" and can relate to any of these, you have choices below so make one or all three now - they're free so stop overthinking it!


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So who am I?

I'm that person who will show you how you're stopping yourself (it's not your fault by the way... you just need to see it clearly) so you can make different choices today and consciously create your life so you love it!


And also...

I'm a certified life & wellness Soul guide based in London. In a former life I was a programme director in the creative and digital sector for over 17 years and now I teach clients how to resolve childhood conditioning to create the life they deserve to live today.

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Seven fun facts

  • I'm a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and life coach & have always been on a spiritual journey, although I only woke up 10 years ago

  • I am a favourite to both parents, although that's not what I tell my siblings 

  • I love to read books - self / personal development, spiritual and a bit of good fiction

  • I think a lot - about others, about future generations, about our environment and it allows me to see things from multiple perspectives (so does the reading)

  • When I was a kid, I used to think I was ugly and too skinny and I've come to learn Unconditional love for Self through my journey

  • I face and fight my fears with patience and compassion 

  • My guilty pleasure is odd numbers (yes - the bullets at the top of the page (5), these bullets (7), the columns for testimonials on the homepage, the volume on my laptop or tv, my toaster setting, volume in the car etc)

Flying Books

"A reader lives a thousand lives"

George R. R. Martin

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