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Free mini-course

How to Understand your inner child

A super mini five lesson course to understand your inner child so that you can start to see who you are today.


Release & Reprogram

How to accept and release your past to create new beliefs about your Self

Develop an understanding of the impact of your childhood experiences on who you are today, acknowledge your trauma & identify your triggers to start creating your new reality through conscious choices and with practical exercises in 7 days.

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Unblock your Self

Free 40-min masterclass!

Learn who you are, how to start developing a relationship with your Self and learn the three systems you can use to start unblocking your Self today, develop the relationship you have with your Self and start to create a better life for

your Self!

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35 Must-Read Articles to Set You Up For Long-Term Success in Life, Love and Your Career

Ready to transform your life?

  • Part 1: Wellness & Self-care

  • Part 2: Connections & Relationships

  • Part 3: Success & Growth


Melissa S,

Engineering Controller

After actively using the techniques Divya showed me, I changed my perspective on things. I know that when I have a bad day, there will always be a good one that will follow. I learnt to seek out the positive no matter what I am faced with, I learnt to no longer hate myself, that I am a good person, I have people around me that love me and I am never alone. I take each day as it comes and I enjoy whatever it may bring. I found that once I started living this way I started to encounter more positive energy in my life.

Katy W,

Head of Operations

I have suffered with stress and anxiety from the get go. Always looking for ways to 'fix' myself and cope with the everyday. With her calmness and connection with her true self, Divya offers a space free from judgement and guides me to see things clearly in my life.

Taj S,

Recovery Support Worker

When I was having trouble with personal relationships and was unhappy in my life, Divya helped me by showing me that I need to focus more on my internal life than my external one. Guided to take a eye-opening look at my fears and resentments I have been able to let go and re-connect with my higher self. My relationships have improved & I'm better able to understand my own needs to live a healthy, happier life mentally and emotionally.