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Me Too
But Never Again!

As part of the
Becoming an Unstoppable Woman book series...

10 brave and amazing women come together in this co-authored book.

Sharing some of the most personal, impactful and painful experiences to raise global awareness and to free ourselves from the past to help heal, guide and change the stories for the women of our future and the men we're raising!

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Book launch date: 6 December 2022.
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Me Too But Never Again

Sexual harassment comes in many forms

Parents - consciously think about how you're raising the men of future generations and the messages we're raising girls with about their worthiness, value, expectations and obligation. Let's practice living consciously, caring for and protecting impressionable young girls and boys in our society by bringing awareness to the way we raise future generations through our thoughts, words and actions. 

Ladies - maybe these aren't your stories, maybe someone you know has struggled to express a similar experience... maybe something in our stories will resonate with you, whether it's culturally, socially, or with the programs you were raised with.

Let's remember to create safe spaces for each other and guide the men and women of tomorrow by living consciously.

Gents - you may be triggered because of past actions, your powers of persuasion with women in your past, or perhaps you now have a partner or daughter, or realise that at some point the women in your life are likely to have experienced some form of emotional, physical or mental sexual harassment. 

Maybe, just maybe you can see things from another perspective with these experiences we're sharing. Raising men we'd be happy for our own daughters to be with takes awareness and consdieration.

Be kind, open-minded and aware!

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Health & Wellness

Over 30 women come together to collectively co-author this book!

As part of the Becoming an Unstoppable Woman book series, we're raising universal consciousness by bringing awareness to Self, to our healing, to our health and wellbeing. 

Collectively, between about 30 women, we share over 1200 years worth of collective life experience. How amazing is that?

When we make the conscious decision to heal our past, our pains, our emotional blocks and subconscious mind, we heal our physical reality and future generations from repeating our unhealthy behaviour patterns - emotionally, mentally, physcually and spiritually!

Ready to be the cycle breaker?



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