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Becoming an Unstoppable
Woman in 
Health & Wellness

Learning to give to your Self is the key to becoming unstoppable!

This book sees 34 women collaborating with  over 1300 years worth of collective experience in the health and wellbeing industry - all in one book!

With top insights and journeys, you'll be set to improve your holistic health and wellness by prioritising your Self. 


Value: £21.99

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This book is to guide and help you if:

 - you always put the needs of others before your own needs

- you're raising children and want to lead by example

- you weren't taught how to Set Healthy Boundaries

- you weren't taught how to value, respect or know your worth

- you weren't taught how to say 'No'

- you have experienced physical, mental or spiritual dis-ease

- you want to benefit from the real experiences of 34 health and wellness professionals to guide you in your healing journey

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