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Unblocking your Self

3 Memorable Systems Everyone Must Know When You Find Your Self Blocked In Unhealthy Repetitive Cycles

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How do I know if it's for me?

- You know you keep hitting road blocks in your career or relationships

- You’re pressed for time because of work, you're a parent, or both

- You're a private person

- You want to ensure that your children have the chance to live their lives without inheriting your fears and limiting beliefs

- You find it hard to express your emotions and thoughts and communicate

your feelings

- You’re an over or underachiever

- You’re an over-giver and struggle to put your Self first

- You’ve always done what family and society has expected of you

and still feel unfulfilled

- You want to understand and identify your blocks

- You don’t know who you are outside of the role you’ve been expected to fulfil

- You have a constant nagging feeling inside that there has to be something

more to life

- You want everyone that is important to you to be happy

- You know you need to find out what’s blocking you and don’t know where to start

- You want to bring joy and enthusiasm into your life

- You’re ready to make changes in your life so you can show up as the

best version of you

Here's what you'll get from the course:

- Program your Self to live in the present to find joy and happiness every day

- Understand who you really are to set healthy boundaries with family and friends by communicating your needs

- Develop a relationship with your true authentic Self so that you can make conscious decisions that feel good and aligned with who truly you are

- Empower your Self to release past conditions by learning to trust your Self when making major life decisions in relationships, career and finances saving time,

money and pain

- Understand how your childhood programs and belief structures have impacted you so that you can start to make different choices

- Acknowledge how you may have been physically, psychologically or emotionally neglected in childhood to reprogram your fears and change your

behaviour patterns

What others say...

"I was at a crossroads in my life and Divya helped me comfort my inner demons, deal with my past, help me cope with the years of past pain of losing both my parents and most importantly help me forgive myself. No person has had a greater impact in my life than Divya has." - Chet R

"Through one of the toughest times of my life - my divorce, Divya guided me on how the universe and the energy around us impacts all aspects of our health. By using the techniques that she has taught me I can see things from a different perspective now." - Jyoti K

"When I was having trouble with personal relationships and was unhappy in my life, Divya helped me by showing me that I need to focus more on my internal life than my external one. Guided to take an eye-opening look at my fears and resentments I have been able to let go and re-connect with my higher self. My relationships have improved & I'm better able to understand my own needs to live a healthy, happier life mentally and emotionally."- Taj B

How I give back:

 - Raising awareness of conscious living so you can create a fulfilling life

- If more of us adults work on our Selves to release and heal our conditions, then we can show up better for future generations, including our children, nieces & nephews

 - I plant trees for every new subscriber as a way of giving back to our environment & as part of my mission



What you need to know about me...

I've spent 17 years building my professional career whilst focusing on my self-development and personal growth on the side. Throughout the years I've integrated my learnings into my work life and my personal life to consistently show up for my Self, with enough flexibility and freedom to stop my Self feeling trapped in the rat race by taking action to create a fulfilling life. And it's an ongoing thing, not just something you do and then the work is done. As you grow and achieve your goals, you'll create new goals that align with where you're at - at that time.


I teach clients how to resolve childhood conditioning to create the life they deserve

to live today.

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