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Me Too But Never Again!
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If you or someone you know has ever experienced some form of sexual harrassment or abuse, then subscribe to learn more about the book:

Me Too But Never Again. 

What you should know:

 - Many women struggle to talk about their experiences because of the fear and shame associated with what they went through

- Sexual abuse or harassment is considered a taboo subject

- They fear they'll be judged by society, loved ones and the culture they live in

- Maybe it was someone they loved and trusted

- Maybe they think it wasn't rape so it's not a big deal - it is!

- They may write it off as "maybe it's something I did" - it's not!

- If you've ever wondered why you or your partner has trust issues or

why they're guarded, have addictions, a tendency to react and become defensive, they may have exprienced something and aren't sure

how to express it or who they can trust to communicate their pain

 Ten women share their real experiences with you in this book

- Register your interest so you can educate your Self to better protect, care for, and even help heal our mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and nieces by becoming more self-aware and living consciously!






This book is to guide and help you if:

 - you were raised in a people-pleasing environment

- you were or are raising the women in your life as overgivers

- you weren't taught how to Set Healthy Boundaries

- you weren't taught how to value, respect or know your worth

- you weren't taught how to say 'No'

- you were raised in a partiarchal environment where the needs of men came first

- you have daughters and nieces and want to ensure they understand their value and always have a safe space to come home to communicate with you

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Book launch date: 6 December 2022.

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What you need to know about me...

I've spent over 17 years building my professional career whilst focusing on my self-development and personal growth on the side.  I grew up in a people-pleasing environment where I struggled to learn and understand my value and worth over the men in my environment. Never having a safe space to go to to express my Self, I supressed and repressed a

lot of my experiences.

Throughout the years I've integrated my learnings into my work life and my personal life to consistently show up for my Self, with enough flexibility and freedom to stop my Self feeling trapped in the bubble and confines of tradition, culture and a patriarchal upbringing by taking action to create a fulfilling life. And it's an ongoing thing, not just something you do and then the work is done. As you learn your Self, and heal your traumas and past pains, you create space to attract new experiences that align with

where you're at, who you want to be and how you show up - at that part of your journey.


I teach clients how to resolve childhood conditioning to create the life they deserve

to live today.

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