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The 7 Day Release & Reprogram Course Prize Draw Entry

Create The Life You Deserve & Protect Your Family From Repeated Patterns & Limiting Beliefs By Reprogramming & Releasing Your Unique Childhood Conditions Through

My 3-Step AIR System In 7 Days

The only online program on the market that allows you to transform your relationships and life path by understanding your childhood conditions, with all the tools & techniques you need to start taking control of your life by living consciously within 7 days.

If you're the type of person who is always giving to others, struggles to focus, or you keep coming up against obstacles or repeating patterns, it could be because of your childhood experiences and conditions. Perhaps you're a parent and are concerned that you're raising your children with the same limiting beliefs and programs that you were raised with?

This course guides and helps you to learn how to:

- Accept and release your past without exposing your personal business

- Create new beliefs about your Self free from judgement of past experiences & decisions

- Say goodbye to limiting beliefs about your Self by understanding who you are today

- The truth about the childhood conditions that have impacted most of your adult life

- Acknowledge your childhood conditions to begin to heal

- Accept your childhood experiences without blame & resentment

- Identify your triggers in the present without reacting

- Start creating your new reality

- Enjoy getting to know and create a new you

- Show up for your Self & others without compromising your own needs

- Make peace with who you are, so you can focus on who you want to be

- Develop skills to reprogram your conditions with practical exercises & worksheets in 7 days with an online course that you can complete privately in the comfort of your own home.

Register below for your chance to win FREE lifetime access (valued at £1,799.00)

Course Curriculum:

  • 6 x modules (5-8 lessons per module):

    • Module 1 - Your Inner Child​

    • Module 2 - Understanding Your Childhood Programs

    • Module 3 - Acknowledging Childhood Neglect

    • Module 4 - Identifying Emotions & Triggers

    • Module 5 - Releasing, Accepting & Letting Go

    • Module 6 - Living Consciously

  • 13 x exercises across the modules (you can download and print the pdfs to complete the exercises or complete directly in the pdf documents)

  • 5 x meditations to guide your reprogramming

  • 21 x affirmations

Chet R

"I was at a crossroads in my life and Divya helped me comfort my inner demons, deal with my past, help me cope with the years of past pain of losing both my parents and most importantly help me forgive myself. No person has had a greater impact in my life than Divya has."

Jyoti K

"Through one of the toughest times of my life - my divorce, Divya guided me on how the universe and the energy around us impacts all aspects of our health. By using the techniques that she has taught me I can see things from a different perspective now."

Melissa S

"After actively using the techniques Divya showed me, I changed my perspective on things... I learnt to seek out the positive no matter what I am faced with, I learnt to no longer hate myself."

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