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Be the best version

of you today 

Create the life you love through choice.

Are you ready to claim power over your past conditioning  by being your true Self?

I’m excited to guide you in your journey!

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Free healthy boundaries checklist

Get your free Setting Healthy Boundaries checklist straight to your inbox now!

I'll be contributing to planting trees for new sign ups so get involved!

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I talk about conscious living, childhood 


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35 Must-Read Articles to Set You Up For Long-Term Success in Life, Love and Your Career

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So, who is Divya Chandegra?

I'm a life & wellness Soul guide based in London. A former programme director in the creative and digital sector, I guide clients to resolve and release childhood conditioning to create the life they deserve to live today through conscious living.

My mission is to be of service to our community, future generations and our environment by raising awareness of Self. 


Taking your power back

Learning how to consciously respond instead of react to make conscious choices in your life every day is so important in our everyday lives.

Check out my

free 40-min masterclass to learn about Unblocking your Self to create a relationship with your Self (because I know you're busy)!

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Melissa S

Engineering Controller

“I used to be a person who let negative situations control and effect every fibre of my being. Like most people, I have hit many bumps in the road but at one stage it was so bad I could not see my way out and my negativity kept pushing me further into the abyss. I had learnt to put a smile on my face and behave as though nothing was wrong, all whilst feeling an inner torment of despair, hopelessness and feeling completely alone despite being surrounded by people. After actively using the techniques Divya showed me, I changed my perspective on things and my life has never been the same."

Chet R

Commercial Director

"I was at a crossroads in my life and Divya helped me comfort my inner demons, deal with my past, help me cope with the years of past pain of losing both my parents and most importantly help me forgive myself. No person has had a greater impact in my life than Divya has."

Jyoti K

Financial Controller

"Through one of the toughest times of my life - my divorce, Divya guided me on how the universe and the energy around us impacts all aspects of our health. By using the techniques that she has taught me I can see things from a different perspective now."

What my clients say...

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