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If you're the type of person who is always giving to others, struggles to focus, or you keep coming up against obstacles, it could be because you need to shift your mindset to focus on your self-awareness.

Here's what you'll get when you subscribe:

 - A daily email for 21 days with an inspirational or thought-provoking quote

To guide and help you to:

 - Create the life you love and deserve

 - Re-focus your energies on your Self

 - Build a life you're satisfied with

 - Give you an idea of where to start

 - Give attention to your vision

How I give back:

 - Raising awareness of Self, guiding parents and professionals to build a connection with Self and to live consciously, so you can create a fulfilling life

 - I plant trees for every new subscriber as a way of giving back to our environment & as part of my mission



What you need to know about me...

I've spent 17 years building my professional career whilst focusing on my self-development and personal growth on the side. Throughout the years I've integrated my learnings into my work life and my personal life to consistently show up for my Self, with enough flexibility and freedom to stop my Self feeling trapped in the rat race by taking action to create a fulfilling life. And it's an ongoing thing, not just something you do and then the work is done. As you grow and achieve your goals, you'll create new goals that align with where you're at - at that time.


I teach clients how to resolve childhood conditioning to create the life they deserve

to live today.

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