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Here’s Why it’s Important to Align Your Thoughts, Words and Actions

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

What people say

I met someone who said, “I just want to be happy.” Instinctively, I replied, “Happiness is in the journey.” Many of us think that when we get that promotion, get a raise, find a better job or the right person to share our life with, spend more time alone, socialise more – always the next thing – then we’ll be happy. What about being happy now?


Let’s start with thoughts. Spending time alone, reflecting, writing and observing our thoughts gives us the opportunity to become familiar with where we’re at and brings us to an awareness of the limiting structures and conditioning that we live by.

If I think I want to be a living example of conscious awareness and then everything I say is selfish and everything I do is mindless – how can I be aligned with my thought?


If we make unconscious choices to take actions that go against our true essence and purpose, then we’re subconsciously self-sabotaging.


If I say, “I just want to be happy,” – what I’m really saying is, “I am not happy” and happiness is outside of my reach.

Words and actions

If I say, “I want to focus on improving my health,” and then my actions demonstrate the exact opposite and I continue to eat processed foods and take-aways seven days a week for every meal, how will the words, vibration and frequency I’ve put out into the Universe come back to me?

If I really want this, what am I doing in terms of my physical and mental wellbeing and health? If I’m waking up late every day, not working out, not doing anything for my mental health and living unconsciously – what am I saying to the Universe?

Thoughts and words

If my thought is - I would love to have a car and I tell my friends and family that I’m buying a car, but then my actions show that I’m out for expensive dinners and drinks every night of the week, then what am I showing to the Universe?

Thoughts and actions

If my thought is - I’d love to find my ultimate partner and then I fail to take action towards meeting people at social events and am not actively dating, then is that truly what I want?

The happiness frequency is presence

Happiness is not an end result of some material gain. It’s in the day-to-day – it’s in the present. The more emphasis we place on happiness being external or material, the less aligned we truly are with the essence of ourselves and the frequency of happiness.

Everything has an energetic frequency – our thoughts, our words and our actions or inaction. That’s not to say that material gains don’t contribute to making the journey of life more comfortable. It’s just that if you want happiness, it has to come from your Self.

Misaligned frequencies

If I want to buy a house and decide that’s my goal, but then tell everyone that I’m okay renting for another five to ten years and spend my savings on luxury items that I want more than I need, then I’m putting out conflicting energies and the Universe doesn’t know what to do with that. More importantly, I’m confusing myself and my unhappiness comes from not being true to myself, my goal and my weakening self-trust.

Coming into alignment

Thoughts have to be clear. They need focus and intention. Words need to be clear. Without ambiguity. Then, your actions have a chance to drive towards and align with the thoughts and words you’re putting out. This has to be active and conscious.

Understanding your own needs

True happiness within and of your Self starts with the small things, like practicing gratitude, doing what you say you’ll do, clean, pure intentional thinking for yourself and others, building your own self-trust, respect and value.

Learning your needs

For example, I practice keeping a clean environment, as it helps with my focus. My sister would say that I’m obsessive. Truth is – she’s the opposite of me. To avoid arguments in the past, I would stop myself from repeating how important it is to me, or go around cleaning up after her. And because I practice conscious living, I clean up as I go to stay aware of myself and others, especially in shared living spaces. The more I tried to reduce the risk of her explosive or irritated reaction with me, the more it felt out of alignment with my true Self.

I’m aware that having a morning ritual makes me happy, so I communicate this to my family and lead by example through daily practice in my life.

I feel good when I give myself time to prepare my food on a Sunday for the week ahead, so I can minimise the effort during the working week and eat earlier, which makes my body feel better. It allows me to have some down time after a long working day. This action aligns with my health and wellbeing practice, because where possible, I avoid processed foods and take-aways.

Communicating with love

I’ve had to learn to communicate and express myself using my words and with love to bring my needs to the awareness of my family and friends. I’m happy that I’m learning to communicate my needs and that my words are aligned with my thoughts and my actions.

The bottom line

It all starts with being happy in and of ourselves first. It’s important to understand our own needs by knowing ourselves first, and knowing ourselves well enough to know when we’re self-sabotaging through action, inaction or not communicating our truth.

Happiness is about being your true authentic Self. Try to practice observing your thoughts, needs, what’s important to you and understanding your true desires. Then take action and use words to communicate your needs that align with your Truth. Subscribe for more like this and my free weekly wellness tips – I’m planting trees for new sign ups on my website 》

With Love,


My mission is to be of service to our community, future generations and our environment through conscious living.

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