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The Importance of Surrounding Yourself With The 'Right' People

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Energetic vibrations and frequencies

So what does that even mean? The 'right' people? My parents would say this to me when I was younger and I never quite understood it until a lot later. It's the same principle that successful people and entrepreneurs live by - learning from and being in a high vibrational environment keeps you focused.

If you surround your Self with people who have automatic negative thought patterns, are not aligned with their words and actions, do not value or respect themselves, then this is the energy and vibrational frequency that you will sit in.

On the flip side - if you surround your Self with people who are authentic, true to themselves, honest, kind, who respect and value themselves and are living their purpose, then this will be the energy you reflect and attract to you.

What you see in the people around you says a lot about you - the people that come into our lives are reflections of us. Do you see people as selfish or greedy, or selfless and giving? What, if anything, does that say about you? You can choose to make a change. You can be the change in your social circle.

Try assessing your Self within your social circle to bring your Self to awareness with these exercises:

  1. Next time you're with your peops - observe your Self and your group

  2. When you're alone - journal key words around your name in a notebook (do you embody these qualities or aspire to?). It's good to be real about where you're at so you know what you're working toward

  3. Repeat exercise for your closest friends - this will allow you to see how you can learn from those around you or detect where you can make a change and lead your circle to a different way of seeing.

If you want to change your reflections, try surrounding your Self with people who are the things you'd like to be e.g. compassionate, loyal, non-judgemental, active, open minded and accepting of change.

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