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Top tips on how to get focused to successfully achieve...

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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Are you finding it hard to get focused? In the crazy busy world we live in we often find ourselves multi-tasking because we think we're being efficient. Although multi-tasking is often taken as a positive quality, sometimes you just need to focus on one task at a time. Do you get super excited and passionate about all the goals you've set for yourself? That’s a good thing - actually it's a great thing! Do you also find yourself hitting blocks and struggling to either get your tasks started or completed? Where to start It can be overwhleming knowing where to start and sometimes you may end up putting things off until tomorrow. Then tomorrow becomes the next day and it becomes a cycle of procrastination and before you know it the week, month, year passes by and you're like... "what happened to all the things I wanted to achieve this year?" This can lead to a distrust in yourself, where you no longer trust yourself to do the things you say you'll do and slowly, over time you stop listening to your Self. Small steps

How about re-building or reinforcing your self-trust by keeping small promises to your Self. Try taking a small action to complete one task at a time and see how that goes. This focus could lead to you achieving that one goal quicker and more effectively than trying to successfully complete five tasks at the same time, which could save you having to come back to each of those things on multiple occasions where you get lost and overwhelmed. Give it a go with a small task or goal and see how you get on. Do you feel like you’ve achieved? Does it make you want to complete another task you've promised your Self? One thing at a time

I try to complete one task at a time depending on the level on focus required for the task. And that’s how I prioritise my day and daily things to do. Where possible I keep the mornings for heavy thinking and documentation (one task at a time) and in the afternoons I’m happy to multi-task when it involves tasks that need less focus but need to be done. Here are my top seven tips to getting you focused and keeping the promises you make to your Self:

  • Grab a notebook or journal

  • On a Sunday night write down seven things you want to achieve for the week ahead (try and make it personal instead of work-related)

  • Keep the journal on your bedside table

  • Each morning as soon as you wake up have a look at your list

  • Decide which of the items you can achieve on that day (this gives some space for flexibility and choice to prevent you feeling like it's a chore)

  • Tick (avoid crossing it off) the item, take a moment to assess how you feel when you've achieved it (your dopamine and endorphins will kick in and you'll want to keep achieving and keeping the promises you make your Self each week)

  • Repeat weekly (imagine what achieving seven personal goals a week feels like... but don't just imagine it - do it!)

Example of personal weekly goals:

  1. Do a 30 min home workout

  2. Read 20 pages of the book I'm currently on or listen to one hour of an audiobook

  3. Listen to one podcast

  4. Do a meditation

  5. Do a yoga class

  6. Go for a walk in the park

  7. No screens for one hour before bed

Stay focused and start small to achieve your goals!

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