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What Nature Teaches Us About Acceptance, Trust and Surrender

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Spring summer autumn winter forests

Nature can teach us a lot about our lives. When we look closely, nature is a reflection of us.

I was observing the trees and was thinking about how much nature endures. Throughout the seasons – the rains and blistering winters, the hail and storms, the new life of spring and the warmth of the summer Sun.


Nature accepts all that comes its way and through the pains and the things it cannot control, there is still rebirth and transformation. The essence of the tree doesn’t change, but each year it is different. Through continuous rebirth with each season and each year, nature continuously evolves and stands stronger.

Autumn comes and the leaves fall to the Earth and the tree accepts that this is so. It does not fight to keep its leaves. It Accepts that this is so.

Winter comes and its body is bare and the tree trusts that this is so. It surrenders to the higher power and does not try to blossom any sooner. It Trusts that this is so.

Spring comes and it is re-born – blossoms bud and a newer version stands tall. Nature accepts and trusts that this is so.


Nature is life and the more we observe it, the more we learn that when we surrender, when we take what life brings our way - including the storms, the pains, the upsets - we can create and re-create ourselves with each season. And with each year, our experiences strengthen our resolve so we too can stand taller as we accept, trust and surrender.

We can break down and accept all that is and all that comes our way, we can trust that we will be okay when we surrender to the Divine and know that this is the way of life and it’s okay that this is so.


Nature teaches us that the purpose of Life is to accept our experiences so that we can continuously evolve into a better, stronger version of ourselves. The shedding of our skin and being vulnerable in our nakedness, through birth and re-birth we grow and we expand. When we accept and let go of our conditions and generational wounds, when we’re real, open and live in our Truth, we evolve and grow into a newer version of ourselves that lives through the essence of our Soul.

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With Love,


My mission is to be of service to our community, future generations and our environment through conscious living.


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