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Choosing My Self Instead of Settling Down Just Because Society Says I Should

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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Choose your Self

Most of us want a delicious, conscious, unconditional Love. To me, it's more important to figure out our own wants and needs, who we are as individuals and as Soul beings, instead of living by familial and societial expectations and rules.

There's been a couple of times, where if I had been untrue to my Self and living according to these expectations and conditions, I may have settled for less than I deserve.

I’ve learnt that reprogramming my belief systems and conditional structures, understanding and accepting my Self is the most important thing I can do before bringing someone else into my world. It means that I can come to relationships (with family, friends or a partner) without placing expectations on others to fulfil my needs.

I know now that by working on my Self, I'll naturally attract people who are conscious and have the ability to match me where I'm at.

Here are seven reasons why it’s okay to make a conscious choice not to settle down yet…

  • It's a brave move to practice giving to your Self first

  • It takes patience and commitment to transform and release your Self from the expectations of others

  • It's vital in any relationship to learn about your needs and desires

  • Living consciously is an active choice that requires compassion and constant evolution

  • Thoughts, words and actions need to align to create the life you deserve to live

  • Feeling financially capable and independent is important

  • It’s a proper adult move to avoid bringing someone else (even children) into your conditions.

If we all practise conscious living and self-awareness, we’d place less expectations on others to fulfil what may be missing in our lives.

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My mission is to be of service to our community, future generations and our environment through conscious living.


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