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Activate your body with this 7 min morning yoga practice (from your bed!)

Updated: Sep 13

Do you feel guilty for not waking up to work out? Perhaps you have the intention to wake up and exercise and like me prefer to snooze for a little longer sometimes?

Try this gentle morning body activation from the comfort of your bed.

Morning activation practice:

  1. Bring your awareness to your breath and how the body feels after sleep

  2. Wind release pose (alternate right & left knees to chest) x 3 each

  3. Wind release pose (both knees to chest & lift head to knees gently)

  4. Supine twists (knees to right, head to left & vice versa) x 3 each

  5. Child’s pose (rock up into child pose – I use a pillow at the belly for support)

  6. Thread the needle (lift buttocks, take one arm through the gap of the outstretched opposite arm & vice versa) x 2 each

Smile and stay guilt-free!

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