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Do Three Things for Your Self-Care This Week

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

What does self-care look like for you?

In the modern world and way of living, we talk about self-care a lot. The lives we live today are very different to the days of the hunter-gatherers and the farmers of the Agricultural Revolution. With the development and progress of technology, you’d think our lives would be easier.

Expectations of others

Do you ever feel like there’s an unwritten and unspoken expectation for you to be available all the time with email, phones (email on phones), instant messaging chat tools etc?

To save your brain power, I’ll keep this simple so that all you have to do is pick three self-care activities you can do for your Self this week and just take action.

You’re in charge of your wellness

Take action to bring your own wellness to balance. Take action, because you’re the only one who can do this for you – not your employer, not your family and not your friends. And you my friend, must lead by example.

Here are 17 things you can pick from. And next week perhaps you can pick a different set of three.

  1. Play a game - go old school with a board game

  2. Go for a walk alone – look around, smile and observe

  3. Sit and breathe for five minutes – you can give your Self five minutes I assure you

  4. Cook a fresh, nutritious, colourful meal – really taste, smell, feel and look at it

  5. Read a few pages of a book – wake up your imagination

  6. Journal your thoughts and feelings – give your Self the opportunity to process

  7. Meditate – just see the types of things that come up in your mind in stillness

  8. Make a fresh juice – your body will thank you for it

  9. Lie down on the grass – neutralize your body and cells with the negative ions of the earth

  10. Listen to an audiobook – rest your eyes and focus your hearing

  11. Go for a massage – relieve stiff muscles and your achy body, allow the stuck energy to move

  12. Tell your Self something nice – loving others starts with loving your Self

  13. Call someone you’ve been thinking of – take action now instead of waiting

  14. Compliment a stranger – how nice is it when someone says something nice to you?

  15. Switch off all tech for at least 1 hour (phones, laptop, tv, gadgets)

  16. Write a letter to someone the old-fashioned way – grab a pen and paper

  17. Do that thing you’ve been putting off – just one task

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