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Steal or Adapt These One-Hour Morning Rituals To Set Your Self Up For Success Everyday

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Start your day well by putting your Self first with these three morning ritual options, including time to get ready.

Many of us struggle in the mornings. Some of us are morning people and others aren’t. Facing the day can be a challenge, whether you’re working from home or at your place of work.

What’s your first thought when you wake up?

Mine used to be, “I have to get up for work.” It’s in this thought right here where I’ve made my life and existence about the thing that I do, (which I’m very good at and like) rather than focusing on my lifestyle and the quality of the life I want to live.

Over many years, I’ve experimented, adapted and completely changed the way I set my Self up for the day. I now know how to tap into my Self and listen to what I might need the day.

Separate your identity from your work

Firstly, it’s important that you take your Self away from your working Self. Yes, we all work and some of us love or like what we do and others don’t (we need to have a chat if you don’t like what you do), but it’s about identifying that we’re more than our jobs and that thing we do for a living. Remember that you’re human – a Soul being and life is much more than the nine-to-five. Prioritise your Self.

Learning and understanding your needs

Secondly, how can you be productive in any way if you’re unable to focus, look after your health, or know what you need? When we give ourselves the opportunity to centre in on our own needs first, we become more available and present in our tasks for the day ahead.

Commit to your Self

Finally, think about how often and easily we overcommit to helping others, doing things for the kids (if you have any) that are beyond meeting their needs, for family, friends and colleagues and generally taking on more than we can probably manage? How important is your role in the life of your family, friends or employer that you choose not to take an hour for your Self every day?

Three adaptable one-hour morning rituals

Here are three rituals that you can adapt to suit you. I’m all about choice and flexibility and listening to your Self – so start playing around with these for 21 days to see what works for you.

Looking after our own wellbeing is only a chore if we make it feel like that. So, have some fun with this!

You can save this image or write the rituals on post-its or pieces of card and play a game with your Self each morning to see which option comes out for you. Like I said, making that hour for your Self fun, exciting and special, whilst knowing it’s important for your wellbeing makes it less of a chore and a reason to get out of bed in the mornings, so that you can be your best Self.

I reduce the barriers and set my Self up for success by saving my favourite gratitude meditation at the top of my YouTube playlist and have a basic green juice recipe that I always use.

Ideally, I’d like to spend 90 mins on my ritual and will eventually work up to that. For now, 60mins with minimal screen time is good for tapping into my Self and setting up my mind and body for the day. I also eat later in the day, as it helps my mind stay focused in the mornings.

Adults, like children need to feel like they have power, control and choice in their lives. When we’re adaptable, we learn to welcome that hour for ourselves in the morning and set ourselves up for daily success. And that successful morning becomes more ritualistic, rather than routine.

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