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Five Habits to Avoid When Starting a Business

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It’s easy to take on every one else’s thoughts, opinions, emotions and fears when you set up a business that is true to your Self and your purpose.

Starting a new business, or leaving ‘employment’ to set up on your own can be nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. You’re excited that you’re perhaps finally doing something that you love, feels true to your nature and purpose (now that you’ve figured out what they are) and at the same time you’re also concerned about succeeding in your new venture.

Know that it’s perfectly fine for these fears to come to the surface, as long as you keep taking one step at a time. Avoid sitting in procrastination, past false conditions and know that you’re aligning with your true Self.

Here are five habits to reprogram whilst setting up your passion project:

  1. Stop listening to others if they’re not doing it and sharing their learnings. People come from different experiences and conditions and if you’re doing the work to overcome your conditions, you don’t need to deal with their fears or feelings and energy of scarcity, risk, lack, worth, value etc. It’s hard enough getting through your own to have gotten to this point and then to motivate yourself when the resistance comes back. It’s ongoing and you know you’ll come up against other childhood programs as you keep moving through your journey and keep re-programming as you go.

  2. Committing to social events to make others feel better. Guilt is a blocker and it’s just a structure that you need to accept, identify and release. If you have planned to work on your new business most evenings, weekend and pretty much any other ‘spare’ time you have, then realise that any time you do have is precious to you. It takes practice and self-love. Release the guilt, communicate to your family and friends that you’re working and there is no need to explain any more. Check out my article on Guilt >

  3. Automatic negative thought (ANTs) patterns can kill your vibe quick. Even if you’re generally a positive person, your vulnerabilities and deepest fears can come out to play so as soon as any doubt or fear pops up – acknowledge it’s a condition from your childhood and it’s not your truth. Or, they’ll stop you from playing full out every time. Often, because of our conditional structures, we tend to adhere to certain lines of thinking because of the programming we’ve had as children. So, perhaps instead of ‘I’ll give it a go and see what happens’, our automatic thought is ‘no, can’t do that – it’s risky, unfamiliar, new’. This type of conditioning can block our curiosity and wonderment. Our ANTs will build up over years of ‘you can’t do that, it’s too dangerous’ and feelings of lack. When you start listening to your Self, you’ll recognise and hear the thoughts and can actively reprogram your brain to another frequency – use affirmations if you have to. You only have about five seconds before your brain defaults back to its long-lived, habitual structure. So, change that ANT into a positive one and assess how you feel and hold on to that feeling.

  4. Convincing others about your goals to ensure they feel assured. Unless, they’re funding your business this is not your job. Your ‘focus goes where energy flows’ so, if you’re expending your energy in convincing your family and friends about what you’re doing, irrespective of intentions, you five room for your focus to go on them, their thoughts, reactions, and their conditional structures and fears and you need to give your focus to your business, not their thoughts and feelings about your business (which is really just about themselves).

  5. Over-giving will drain you out. This is closely related to the points above and ties them altogether. Your time, energy, focus, drive, attention, advice and emotions need to be directed at your Self and your new business. Get your family and friends used to you saying ‘No’ or ‘I’ll see if that works with my schedule nearer the time’ or ‘if I need a break, I’ll swing by’ for that event, birthday or dinner.

It’s important to remember your self-care ritual or get something in your schedule, which gives you the time to look after your Self in terms of food, exercise, or whatever it is that you need to get your mindset on point each day.

Your friends and family need to respect your boundaries and understand that by giving you the space that you need without being offended, they’re demonstrating their support for you. Check out my one-hour morning rituals that you can adapt or steal as is >

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