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How to be the best version of you

In our society today, we’re obsessed with wanting quick fixes. Often, these quick fixes are short-lived. When looking for an approach and techniques that you can begin to implement in your daily life to become the best version of you, start thinking about the ways you can integrate the following into your life:

  • Start building a connection to your Self – by learning to identify your emotions, triggers and childhood conditions you’ll start to understand what you truly need now, in the present. The relationship you have with your Self will set the tone for all other relationships in your life.

  • Set healthy boundaries – know that your energy, time and attention should be focused on you first, then others. So, if something does not align with your priorities, values or principles, practising saying “no” will be your new best skill and it will feel so good once you get the hang of it, because you’ll be true to your Self.

  • Live in the present – learning from past experiences is a smart move, however living your life based on fears of recurring negative events, moments and emotions will only hinder your growth and stop you in your tracks. Know that with each new moment now, you have the ability to change or consciously create the outcome, so stop letting past experiences dictate your todays.

  • Invest in developing self-trust – instead of sitting in conflict with your Self about being perfect, when you create a connection with your true Self, you’ll begin to learn to trust that you know how to give your Self what you need with love and compassion and without letting the naysayers or fears of others stop you in your tracks.

  • Learn to let go of your fears – unlearning all of the conditions you’ve been raised with since childhood takes commitment to your Self and wanting to better your Self, as you continue to grow. It also takes the awareness that you want to avoid repeating patterns with your children or you want to improve the relationship you have with your parents and siblings. The journey will be unique to every one of you and there’s a way you can do it even if you’re pressed for time.

Many of us focus our attention on building relationships and connections with others outside of ourselves, however if you’re focusing all of your energy on work and others and their relationships, what are you doing to develop a deep, intuitive connection with your Self? How are you understanding your needs? How are you learning to give to your Self?

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