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Top 5 things to avoid when developing a growth mindset

People always talk about what we should be doing. And whilst it’s great to have clear direction on the do’s, it’s just as important to learn about what we should avoid when we’re exploring and developing a growth mindset.

Here are my top five things to avoid as you choose to grow and expand:

  1. Listening to people who aren’t doing it themselves

  2. ANTs (automatic negative thoughts)

  3. Saying “yes” to everyone and everything

  4. Taking on other people’s pain and trauma

  5. Giving your energy to others when you are depleted

People talk – I mean, they talk a lot. Are the people you’re listening to doing the things that you’re trying to achieve or are they just talkers?

Fears – our conditioned fears and experiences in childhood will automatically bring up negative thoughts so ensure you observe when these come up and get your self-talk right so that you can flip the negative into positive mind states and action. Remember you can choose to redefine who you are instead of letting past experiences control you.

Of course, you’re a lovely person and avoid letting people down, however if you’re giving your time and attention to others all the time, then how can you focus on meeting your needs and goals?

It’s easy to take on the pains and issues of your friends and family, so it’s important to learn how to balance this by letting it go instead of overly concerning your Self other people’s lives.

If you’re not looking after your Self, then you’ll struggle to show up as the best version of your Self for those around you. When you need time out or to focus on your self-care, know that it’s okay not to go to that dinner, social event or family function. Unapologetically take care of your energy.

Can you commit to trying these five things for the next three months and then see how well you’re growing? Subscribe for wellness tips and free access to my Understanding Your Inner Child mini-course on my website now >

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