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Learning To Trust Your Intuition Enables Authenticity

In life, we forget what feels good and really true for our own health and wellbeing, because we think, or rather, are conditioned to believe what someone else considers ‘good’ or ‘successful’ applies to us. Along the way, we lose our free will about what we believe is best for our self-care and default to what has been imprinted on us since childhood. We stop being true to ourselves as we fulfill and 'play' a role that is expected of us.

Your intuition can be a guiding factor in taking action and making decisions for your best and highest good. But how can we identify what our intuition is versus what our logic leads us to?

What is intuition?

Intuition is an innate knowingness that surfaces the unconscious to the conscious (wakeful) state without necessarily involving logical processing or reasoning. It’s the balance between your inner knowing and experience that comes from your higher Self, universal love and trust. Your intuition is a combination of gut feel, layered with experiences and past perceptions through time, so that all of these combined over the years become part of your intuitive baseline.

What is logic?

On the opposite side, logic is deliberate and considered. Logic involves analysis and processing to come to an end result or decision. And because of this, naturally it requires conscious effort and some type of a systematic formula or order to get to the outcome.

Whilst intuition is subtle and cultivated from multiple sources simultaneously, logic is orderly, mostly sequential and specifically uses sets of information or data to support the outcome.

When is it important to trust your intuition?

Your intuition is an important aspect of your life as a whole. Learning to develop your intuitive abilities can benefit you in your connections with colleagues, clients, business deals, as well as personal safety and self-protection. For example knowing when someone’s energy does not mirror where you’re at or when someone’s facial expressions appear or can be perceived as positive, however you can sense that something is not quite right.

How can we flow from our intuitive Self?

In the modern world, we’re taught or programmed to prioritise logic and reason over our natural, instinctual senses. In actuality, if we can learn to balance the two - that’s where we start to flow and succeed.

Actively making choices to release your programmes, gives you a fresh canvas to start from. Letting go of habits and patterns, so that you can really start to connect and listen to your mind-body essence will free your intuitive abilities.

Be patient and kind to your Self as you start working on honing this skill. You’ll notice where your pre-conditioned programmes come up to throw in doubt, fear and uncertainty. Question the things that are coming to the surface and realise that they are not you – they are the things you need to let go of, so that you can trust your Self and what your intuition tells you.

Balancing your gut feeling and your logic… that gut-brain connection brings us to our centre – the heart space. Our heart space is our true authentic Self. When something feels good and true to you, it’s most likely to be from your higher Self. The challenge most of us will have, is in learning to let go of the programmes and structures that we’ve moulded our lives around because of passed on generational fears and fears developed in childhood.

Trusting your Self

It comes down to trust. Trusting your higher Self, or your intuition and utilising it as a tool for guidance in decision-making and taking action will provide a knowingness that you are doing exactly what is right for you in the moment. It allows you to show up as your truest, most authentic Self. And who wouldn't want to live in that space?

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